Advice to Pilgrims – Robinson Jeffers

That our senses lie and our minds trick us is true,
but in general
They are honest rustics; trust them a little;
The senses more than the mind, and your own mind more
than another man’s.
As to the mind’s pilot, intuition –
Catch him clean and stark naked, he is first of truth-
tellers, dream-clothed or dirty
With fears and wishes, he is prince of liars.
The first fear is of death: trust no immortalist. The first
Is to be loved: trust no mother’s son.
Finally I say let demagogues and world-redeemers babble
their emptiness
To empty ears; twice duped is too much.
Walk on gaunt shores and avoid the people; rock and
wave are good prophets;
Wise are the wings of the gull, pleasant her song.


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