Words of Wisdom


I am an anarch – not because I despise authority, but because I need it.  Likewise, I am not a nonbeliever, but a man who demands something worth believing in. …  Thus I take my duties seriously within an overall context that I reject for its mediocrity.  The important thing is that my rejection actually refers to the totality and does not take up within it a stance that can be defined as conservative, reactionary, liberal, ironic, or in any way social.”

“Any man who swears allegiance to a political change is a fool, a facchino for services that are not his business.  The most rudimentary step toward freedom is to free oneself from all that.  Basically each person senses it, and yet he keeps voting.

Ernst Jünger


“Pay attention to the work you want to do and everything will turn out fine. If you’re in it for the ego, you might be successful but at a limited level.”

– Clint Eastwood


“Until one reaches the age of forty it is better to put off wisdom and discrimination and excel in vitality. According to the person and the rank, though a person has passed the age of forty, if he has no vitality, he will get no response from others.”

– Yamamoto Tsunetomo

“Talk little, do much, and be more than you appear to be.”

Helmuth von Moltke

“For the impious, Existence is a world of passion that man justifies by a philosophy ‘after the flesh’; for the elect, it is a world of trial transpierced by grace, faith, gnosis.”

Frithjof Schuon

The Four Points of Life

by Vox Day

Physical: Don’t lie to yourself about your appearance. Take a good long look in the mirror. Everyone, and I mean everyone has something they’d like to improve about their appearance so get at it. Dress better and sharper than the next guy. Work out and push yourself.

Emotional: Don’t lie about how you feel, but rather learn to control yourself. Stop being a basket case when things don’t go your way. If your emotions are getting the best of you stop, walk away, and calm down so long as your life isn’t in danger. Stop picking fights with people online and in real life to get an emotional high and low. You can’t really control your emotions, but you can control your reaction to them to try to remain calm and steady.

Spiritual: Don’t lie about the state of your soul or conscience. If you don’t pray, then meditate regularly on life, listen to your conscience, and strive for honesty. If you pray, then set time aside regularly for it and to ask for forgiveness and honesty. You can’t forgive others if you can’t get on your knees yourself. You can’t expect honesty in others if you lie about yourself.

Intellectual: Don’t lie to yourself about your intelligence and keep your mouth shut unless you actually have something meaningful to add. Carefully read on a topic before pontificating about it as you want to be known for being thoughtful not blustery. Don’t exaggerate about things you know or your life, as eventually you will get caught.

“There ain’t much time left, you’re  born out of this insane abyss and you’re going to fall back into it, so while you’re alive you might as well show your bare ass.”

Jim Carroll